1. superbe! me réjouis d’y retourner en été.

    Meilleures salutations

    Mitch (Les Diablerets)

  2. Hello Estelle,

    I just saw the piece about you on DV about dumpster diving. I’m a dumpster diver as well, both when I’m at home in Iceland and when I live abroad like I do now. I wanted to take the chance to inform you a little about the history of dumpster diving in Iceland.

    It used to be easier (no locks anywhere etc.) but there were several crackdowns after bad publicity from newspaper articles. Grapevine interns seemingly have a habit of writing these and some exchange students even took Fréttablaðið dumpster diving.

    Your taking DV along on a diving run is in the same vein, even showing pictures of the dumpsters you use (I recognised the one on their page, btw, the one at Bónus on Laugavegur). The store-owners will recognise those pictures, and that makes them much more likely to lock their dumpsters – or even poison their food by pouring chloride over it in the dumpster. In Sweden, shampoo is commonly used for the same purpose.

    There’s nothing that can be done about that article now, I suppose, but if you would refrain from exposing dumpster diving further in the mainstream media that would be best for everyone who practices it. For example if DV or other newspapers want to do a follow-up piece, just declining would be appreciated by the many local practitioners of Dumpster Diving in Reykjavík.

    Thanks for your time and Merry Christmas,

  3. Dear Siggi,

    Thanks for your interesting comment. Indeed, by accepting this interview, I was taking the risk to see dumpsters being locked, and I am conscious of that. I understand the debate created around this topic.

    My purpose – and that is the reason why I accepted the interview -, is to make people conscious that there is so much waste, and do something more. More than dumpster diving individually to get free food.

    Some reactions on DV website show that people are wondering why this food is not given to organizations which help poor people. Good question, why? This is also my concern. So what can we do? If stores lock their dumpsters, this food will be lost for everyone, that’s right and sad. If only a bunch of dumpster divers notice this, they can’t do anything. If more people are conscious of this problem of wasted food, I’m hoping that there could be a (political?) pressure to act on a lager scale. I admit that for the moment I don’t know how. Some ideas? Good things are done in other countries with surplus (for example, and it can be a source of inspiration.

    Some comments I got mention people who dumpster dive because they really can’t afford paying for food. These comments blame me for this article because if dumpsters are locked, these people won’t be able to find food. But if leaving the dumpsters open is the only help that our society can offer them, THIS is the scandal! I hope you – and the other readers – understand my point of view.

    I’ve been dumpster diving in Iceland for about one year now. I’ve read articles about dumpster diving, heard more and more people talking about it. However – in my experience – I fortunately didn’t notice a paranoia from the stores to poison their food or lock their dumpsters. I hope my article won’t suddenly create this paranoia. By the way, it’s not the first time a photo of the dumpster behind Bónus on Laugavegur is published: (March 2013). Maybe it will be locked tomorrow, maybe not.

    Anyway thanks, Siggi, for your useful information and for creating the debate. Your arguments are good. I hope you understand also mine. I don’t plan to give other interviews about dumpster diving.

    (I also just want to add that I was not expecting such an important article with such a title on the frontpage… This part has gone out of my control, I admit it.)

    Best regards,


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