Posted by: estelledivorne | 12/30/2013

Week 77

Friday 27th December 2013: single gloves speed dating.

Single gloves speed dating

In the meanwhile I discovered this wonderful service: Glove Love. Send them your single gloves or create your own pairs, but don’t throw away single gloves!

Word of the week:

snjókarl = snowman = bonhomme de neige




  1. Excellente idée

  2. Result after two weeks: it’s still working! Some single gloves disappeared (I like to think they found the second half of themselves…) and some poor single gloves appeared, waiting for a good soul to pair them together. And, and, and… people are photographying and commenting (click on the right Instagram)!

  3. […] here is the story: I started this meeting point on 26th December 2013 (see here) with eight single gloves, and the principle is quite simple: if you are a single glove, wandering […]

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