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Chapter 28

Friday 8th June 2018: Nuphar lutea on Brabrand Sø.

This week has been hot, very hot!

And I’ve been busy paddling. Thanks to my landlords, I went kayaking three times, on the sea Kattegat, on the river Aarhus, and on Brabrand Lake.

I also paid a visit to the friendly goats at Sondrup Gårdmejeri, an organic farm producing goat cheese 40 km south of Aarhus.

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Chapter 27

Wednesday 30th May 2018: I ♥ ØKO.

Here are my two amazing working places: the colorful market at Ingerslevs Boulevard, where I sell my handicraft broddgöltur, and the sunny terrace in front of my house, where I create my items!

Et pour donner suite au chapitre 26, voici les taillés aux grever!


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Chapter 26

Thursday 24th May 2018: blackbird.

A tour in Godsbanen, an inspiring neighbourhood.

Et la surprise de la semaine, spéciale dédicace pour les Vaudois: en récoltant de la nourriture, j’ai trouvé des greubons! En danois, ils s’appellent grever. Grever/greubons, ça ne s’invente pas! Même dans le canton de Vaud, je ne saurais pas où trouver des greubons, et voilà que je tombe dessus dans une poubelle au Danemark…


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Chapter 25

Sunday 13th May: upcycled terrace built from palettes.

And a bike tour on the seashore.


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Chapter 24

Monday 7th May 2018: Aglais io / Peacock butterfly / Paon du jour.

Bicycle tour around Brabrand Sø.

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Chapter 23

Thursday 3rd May 2018: entanglement.

Early summer in beautiful Aarhus! Rúdúdú and I go walk together everyday around the stadium nearby.


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Chapter 22

Saturday 21st April 2018: old bicycle.

Bike tour on the island of Samsø on a beautiful sunny day!

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Chapter 21

Thursday 19th April 2018: squirrel family.

Spring, sun, flowers and walks in the forest.

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Chapter 20

Saturday 7th April 2018: Mount Møllehøj, the highest mountain of Denmark!

Sometimes people ask me why I stay in Denmark, what I like here. I think now I have an answer: even with my difficulties to walk, I can hike the three highest summits of the country in 30 minutes, including time for photos. It makes me feel powerful! 😉

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Chapter 19

Sunday 1st April 2018: Gleaming Lights of the Souls, Yayoi Kusama, 2008.

On Sunday I visited Louisiana, the museum of modern art in Humlebæk. Monday was another very sunny day in Copenhagen! And Tuesday, oh Tuesday… Once again I woke up under the snow for a 350-km-drive in the fog!

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Chapter 18

Saturday 24th March 2018: a typical Swedish landscape upside down in a drop.

While staying near Anneberg, Sweden, I went for walks in the snow with Rúdúdú. More snow on the day of my departure… Back to Denmark, I spent a sunny afternoon in Copenhagen!

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Chapter 17

Friday 23rd March 2018: Vallgraven, Gothenburg, Sweden.

This week I met Anton the batdog. Then I moved from Denmark to Sweden. Rúdúdú stays the coolest cat when it comes to take a ferry! But in the forest around our Swedish cottage, I’m afraid he went hunting for the very first time 😕. In the surroundings: Älvsåker church and Gothenburg.

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Chapter 16

Friday 16th March 2018: Grenen.

A walk to Grenen, the northernmost point of Denmark, where two seas meet. Sunny, windy, -3°C!

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Chapter 15

Thursday 8th March 2018: The Phoenix is closer than it appears, Thilo Frank.

This week I visited Kunsten, the Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg. The sky is blue on the paintings and on my puzzle, but rather white in real life!

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Chapter 14

Wednesday 28th February 2018: Hou harbour in the ice.

As everywhere in Europe, it has been very cold and windy in North Jutland. The shores, Kattegat and Limfjord, are frozen.

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Chapter 13

Thursday 22nd February 2018: Hals harbour.

After one week in Aalborg, I moved to a new place in Hals. Winter is coming, and I went for short walks in the gray weather in the surroundings of my place and in Nørresundby.


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Chapter 12

Wednesday 14th February 2018: frost and sun.

Rúdúdú is ready to move to Aalborg.


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Chapter 11

Thursday 8th February 2018: shadow.

Captain Rúdúdú has sea legs.

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Chapter 10

Thursday 1st February 2018: night walk on Teglgade.

It became a habit now: I walked my cat in the neighbourhood, and then went for a treasure hunt in the moonlight.

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Chapter 9

Thursday 25th January 2018: bench in the Limfjord.

Walking on the harbour in Mariager and in Aalborg.


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Chapter 8

Wednesday 17th January 2018: Mariagerkirke.

Rúdúdú has been part of most of my activities this week: a walk around Mariager Abbey, and paper making.

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Chapter 7

Sunday 7th January 2018: frozen Mariagerfjord.

This cold and sunny Sunday gave me many opportunities for photography. On Monday, I drove around Mariagerfjord with Rúdúdú, visiting the most unexpected places!

Les Vaudois apprécieront le fait que le village à côté de chez moi s’appelle Assens… 😉


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Chapter 6

Monday 1st January 2018: Godt Nytår!

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Chapter 5

Friday 29th December 2017: half-timbered house.

A quiet Christmas week in Mariager, between rain and sunny weather.

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Chapter 4

Friday 22nd December 2017: Hvalpsund.

And also making jam, sewing, visiting Fur.

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Chapter 3

Thursday 14th December 2017: apple tree.

Some errands in Aarhus, and my arrival to Mariager. I woke up under fresh snow on my first morning in this cute little town.

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Chapter 2

Sunday 3rd December 2017: Egholm.

I arrived to Denmark on 2nd December, and stayed for the week-end in Aalborg with Mette and Jacob. On Sunday I went to the little island Egholm with Mette. Then, driving in the sun to Aarhus with some detour through Thyholm.

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Chapter 1

Thursday 30th November 2017: Faroe Islands.

I left Reykjavík on 25th November, and took four days to drive to Seyðisfjörður. Then I put the van and the cat on the ferry, direction Faroe Islands and Denmark! Here are a few more photos of my last trip in Iceland.