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Chapter 77

Sunday 12th May: the windows in the doors are finished. I can now enjoy the terrace on sunny days, and the (a little brighter) living room on bad days!

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Chapter 76

Sunday 5th May 2019: on a sailing boat.


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Chapter 75

Monday 29th April 2019: boat in Agger, National Park Thy, Denmark.

After Germany, I continued my way to Denmark, arriving in the South-West of Jutland. Rømø, Ribe, Hvide Sande, Thyborøn, Stenbjerg, Hanstholm… I drove all the West coast and enjoyed for a few days the good weather on the dunes between the North Sea, the fjords and the lakes.

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Chapter 74

Friday 25th April 2019: Jena, Germany.

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Chapter 73

Friday 19th April 2019: sailing boat near Hohenwarte, Thüringen.

Some moments of my journey through Germany.


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Chapter 72

Friday 12th April 2019: Bodensee, Lindau.


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Chapter 71

Thursday 4th April 2019: late snow on Magnolia flowers.

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Chapter 70

Friday 29th March 2019: Gland et ses Pots Rouges.

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Chapter 69

Tuesday 19th March 2019: the Chasseron meteorite, Switzerland.

“La météorite dite “du Chasseron” pèse seulement 4,8 g, mais c’est une pallasite, c’est-à-dire un type de météorite extrêmement rare et nouveau pour la Suisse. Elle est formée de cristaux vitreux d’olivine vert jaunâtre qui sont inclus dans une matrice métallique de fer et de nickel. Très peu rouillée, la météorite du Chasseron est fraîche et, de ce fait, sa chute doit être assez récente, soit quelques années à quelques décennies avant sa découverte.

C’est lors de l’été 1959 que M. Reto Merlo, âgé de 16 ans et qui était en course d’école sur le Chasseron près de Sainte-Croix, dans le Jura vaudois, a récolté cet étrange objet en cherchant de quoi faire un feu sur ce sommet dénudé. Cette petite pierre inhabituelle lui a rappelé les déchets de l’entreprise de ferblanterie de son père. Par curiosité, il a emporté cette étrange matière chez lui, l’a collée sur un socle en bois et heureusement l’a conservée pendant 58 ans. Au printemps 2017, la couverture médiatique consacrée à une exposition sur les météorites au Musée d’histoire naturelle de Berne a rappelé à M. Merlo sa découverte de 1959. Intrigué, il l’envoya à Berne qui l’identifia comme une météorite. Finalement, en août 2017, la météorite du Chasseron prit le chemin du Musée cantonal de géologie à Lausanne pour y être officiellement cataloguée, y subir des analyses complémentaires et finalement y être homologuée internationalement en septembre 2018.”

Texte: Musée de Géologie, Lausanne



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Chapter 68

Wednesday 13th March 2019: nice view from Charlie Chaplin’s house in Corsier-sur-Vevey.

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Chapter 67

Monday 4th March 2019: rain over Lake Geneva.


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Chapter 66

Wednesday 27th February 2019: Mont-Blanc.

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Chapter 65

Saturday 16th February: some of my new tote bags by broddgöltur.

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Chapter 64

Wednesday 13th February: sunrise in Aarhus.

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Chapter 63

Saturday 2nd February 2019: Aros Museum.

Finally I visited Aros, the art museum in Aarhus. Like for many contemporary art museums, I have to admit that I didn’t like everything in there. But I have been fascinated by Passage/s, this installation by Do Ho Suh, made of translucent fabric.

Your rainbow panorama, by Olafur Eliason, is surprising and allows colourful photos of course!

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Chapter 62

Tuesday 29th January 2019: catkins of hazel.

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Chapter 61

Sunday 20th January 2019: Rúdúdú.

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Chapter 60

Friday 18th January 2019: bus 1A by night.

This Friday night, very first snow on my VW Caddy Maxi!

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Chapter 59

Wednesday 9th january 2019: stairs of Sankt Lukas Kirke, Aarhus.

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Chapter 58

Sunday 30th December 2018: winter sun in Ebeltoft.

Visiting Ebeltoft and Kalø Castle Ruin on the last sunny Sunday of 2018.

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Chapter 57

Wednesday 26th December 2018: Merry After-Christmas!

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Chapter 56

Friday 21st December 2018: sleep masks by broddgöltur.

This week I have been busy selling my handicraft on a Christmas market, and haven’t been much outdoors to take photos. So here’s a picture that represents my environment this week! And now it’s time to relax and sleep… Happy Holidays everybody!


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Chapter 55

Monday 10th December 2018: wind turbines at sunset.

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Chapter 54

Wednesday 5th December 2018: windmill in Selsingen, Germany.

This week has been quite stressful for Rúdúdú and me, when he had to have a surgery in emergency in Ghent because he had swallowed a large piece of plastic. A few days later, we arrived in Aarhus where my cat feels relaxed and happy again!



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Chapter 53

Friday 30th November: The Fallen Angels.

At the chapter 53, it has been exactly one year since I have left Iceland. After many changes and adventures, I am now in Belgium, traveling with my new VW Caddy Maxi and staying mainly with Couchsurfers.

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Chapter 52

Friday 23rd November 2018: wave.

Avec la Mer du Nord pour dernier terrain vague.

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Chapter 51

Tuesday 13th November: self-portrait with homemade apron and with Muscade.

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Chapter 50

Sunday 4th November 2018: Tibetan faces. Hergé Museum in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

I am now staying in Charleroi, Belgium. With my Couchsurfing host Marc, we went to Namur and to Hergé Museum.

The cohabitation between Rúdúdú and the two big dogs of the house is not always easy, but we manage! I made these pyrographied portraits of Biscotte and Cajou. And I spend much time at home, preparing new items to sell soon on a Christmas market!

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Chapter 49

Saturday 27th October 2018: closed.

Tournai, Belgium.

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Chapter 48

Saturday 20th October 2018: peacock.

This week I enjoyed the last days of mild weather in Marlenheim, near Strasbourg. Then Luxembourg, and heading West to Cambrai region. Near the mining site of Arenberg, my cat met an elephant for the first time…

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Chapter 47

Friday 19th October 2018: the Rhine.

After a few days resting near Morges, Rúdúdú and I are now slowly heading north. Lake Neuchâtel, Basel, then following the Rhine for a while on the French side. Day after day, my wild cat is perfecting his hunting techniques…

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Chapter 46

Tuesday 9th October 2018: Furkapass.

From Livigno to Grisons, Swiss National Park, then back through Furkapass… I have the feeling that I’ve been driving two thirds of the big alpine mountain passes during this part of my trip, so I feel ready now for Belgium, The Netherlands and Denmark!

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Chapter 45

Friday 5th October 2018: horses near Livigno, Italy.

After my stay near Varese, I went to Lake Como (for a swim and a wonderful day working on the beach!), then passed the border a few times between Italy and Switzerland. I realize that most of my photos of this week are lakes and skies…

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Chapter 44

Monday 24th September 2018: San Bernardino.

This week I found interesting mushrooms in the forests of Grisons. When the weather got colder, I passed the San Bernardino and enjoyed a few sunny days in a house near Varese, Italy.

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Chapter 43

Thursday 20th September 2018: peacefulness near Sennwald, Switzerland.

This week I left Central Switzerland to go to Lake Constance (Bodensee). The very first night that I spent in my new van was in Austria, near the Rhine delta. Rúdúdú loved to stay there and he played outside all evening! The next day we crossed Liechtenstein, before unexpectedly ending up in beautiful Tschiertschen, Grisons, where we stayed for a few days.

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Chapter 42

Thursday 13th September 2018: colocynthis and pumpkins.

After one week of work on my van, the time to make minimal adjustements and to fit everything inside, Rúdúdú and I left Begnins. First stop: Kriens.

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Chapter 41

Monday 3rd September 2018: vineyards under Begnins.

This week I finally bought my new van: a VW Caddy Maxi, to replace my old Renault Trafic. It’s smaller, so it will be challenging to fit all my stuff in it! It’s also much more comfortable to drive (automatic) and it’s supposed to use less fuel. We’ll see that in the next few weeks.

Rúdúdú is acclimating himself to the new vehicle, and he’s doing pretty good: it’s his territory now!

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Chapter 40

Saturday 25th August 2018: Hôtel de l’Ecu Vaudois, Begnins.

And this week I went back to La Tine de Conflens after about seven years…


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Chapter 39

Sunday 19th August 2018: dragonfly.


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Chapter 38

Thursday 16th August 2018: Morges.

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